SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023


3. Employee Experience

Total number of employees receiving training 1,766 13 Training and education E-learning hours 4,265 Seminar hours 120 Webinar training hours 11 Goodhabitz Hours 4,193 Total number of hours 8,589

Additionally, we prioritised leadership development, exemplified by LEAD journeys. These journeys equipped our leaders with essential tools to facilitate the growth and development of their team members. An impressive 76% of our leaders participated in leadership development journeys, reinforcing our commitment to their professional growth. Schréder’s internal training academy, known as SKILL (Sharing Knowledge In Light and Lighting), aims to enhance the skills of its employees and stakeholders in order to successfully navigate the changes in the lighting market, including smart lighting and new control systems. The company also offers large-scale training programmes for factory workers in fields such as fork-lift truck driving, health and safety, working at heights and understanding assembly processes. Each plant manages these training programmes locally to ensure that they align with their specific needs. In 2023, the total number of technical training hours (SKILL) was 4,396 12 , with an average of 2.5 hours (4,396 / 1,766) per employee. The new platform Goodhabitz increased the total number of training hours by 4,193, reflecting our employees’ interest in self-development. The average training time per employee increased to 4.9 hours this year. Courses on Personal Strength (42%) were a hit - the most popular options were: Curb your bias, Time management, Excel essentials and Take the lead. In addition to the Schréder internal training academy platform and the new GoodHabitz training platform, local entities organise regular training sessions focused on the specific needs of their employees. Each country is free to assess its local training needs and create programmes that develop the strengths that our customers value in Schréder.

In 2023, our strategy focused on improving the employee experience through targeted initiatives and programmes. Our primary objective was to add value by fostering process development. To achieve this, we established new People & Culture policies, undertook projects, and implemented programmes New learning platform: we successfully rolled out a new e-learning platform, focused on soft skills, which significantly increased our training offer to employees. With 92% of eligible employees activating their accounts, a total of 1,009 courses were completed, empowering our workforce with valuable knowledge and skills. that directly impacted our workforce. Key highlights of our initiatives include: Global Referral Programme: our employees can now refer candidates for new positions at Schréder. If their referred candidate is selected, they receive a reward. Global Internal Mobility Programme: allows employees to explore career opportunities within the Schréder group, by establishing a relocation assistance policy to support them during career transitions. Development objectives: we shifted our focus to employee development, encouraging more than 80% of our workforce to set meaningful development objectives. Talent review process: we deployed a new talent review process across all entities, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of our talent pool. These initiatives collectively reinforce our commitment to employee growth, inclusion, and organisational excellence.

Number of hours of training by job category

Sales Internal Sales FAEs Applications Finance Other







This chart concerns only SKILL trainings (exc. HR trainings or specific trainings organised by local entities)


(12) Concerns the hours related to trainings given to non-factory employees, not including HR trainings or specific trainings organised by local entities (13) Non-factory employees

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