SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are fundamental principles at Schréder, shaping our identity and driving our achievements. We are deeply committed to fostering an environment where the unique character of each individual is not only recognised but celebrated, creating a truly inclusive space where everyone can flourish. Our DEI Manifesto outlines our specific commitments: implementing diverse recruitment practices; providing equal opportunities for all; holding our leadership accountable for DEI initiatives; ensuring transparency and fairness in compensation; extending our efforts to promote diversity beyond our organisation; cultivating a workplace culture that embraces inclusivity; offering resources to raise awareness about DEI issues. With the launch of this manifesto, we reaffirm our dedication to driving meaningful change. Our goal is to build a workplace that not only embraces diversity and inclusion, but also fosters equality and empowers each individual to reach their full potential. All of our employees are united in celebrating and championing this vision. In 2023, Schréder strongly committed to better understanding and celebrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Through a series of targeted communications and an entire month dedicated to raising awareness and celebrating DEI , we have made it a central focus within our company. In June 2023, we launched a comprehensive global DEI survey . This initiative deepened our 1. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

understanding of our organisation’s DEI landscape. The survey garnered a 68% response rate, demonstrating the significance of DEI for our employees. Our key findings were as follows:  Diverse workforce : an overwhelming 85% of respondents acknowledged that Schréder’s workforce is diverse. Additionally, our inclusivity rating received a favourable score of 7.74 out of 10, confirming that we are moving in the right direction.  Inclusive environment : a remarkable 83% of participants felt that Schréder actively promotes an inclusive environment, regardless of factors such as sexual orientation, race, age, nationality, or disability status.  Leadership roles : the majority (82%) expressed confidence that Schréder’s leadership embraces people from diverse backgrounds, identities, and cultural experiences. The results strengthen our DEI Manifesto commitments, while giving us a clear path for future improvements. These positive results indicate that our diversity and inclusion initiatives are making an impact within the organisation. We have also provided unconscious bias training to all our managers and HR staff.


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