SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023


1.2 Sustainable Solutions Sustainability has always been one of Schréder’s core values. We have built our reputation while minimising our ecological footprint and that of our customers. Our products are designed with circularity in mind, minimising waste and resource consumption. By incorporating energy-efficient lighting technologies, we not only extend the life of our products but also provide our customers with advanced lighting systems and smart controls. We help them to significantly reduce their energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact. Optimised Energy Consumption The greatest environmental impact of a luminaire is the amount of energy consumed over its lifetime. Replacing old installations with new technologies that are more energy efficient therefore has a significant positive impact on the environment. At Schréder, we are constantly developing new technologies to reduce energy consumption to a minimum (LED technology, optimised optics, control solutions, solar solutions...). Over time, the energy consumption of our products has been significantly reduced. LEDs consume up to 70% less energy compared to conventional light sources. Today, almost 100% of our luminaire sales are LED luminaires. The total GHG emissions resulting from the use of the products we sell depend on several factors. Firstly, they depend on the energy consumption of the product over its entire lifetime, as well as the

location of the installation, as the carbon emission factor of electricity varies from country to country. The factor over which we have the most influence is the energy consumption of our products. Our engineers and electronics suppliers are constantly working to improve product efficiency and develop adaptive and connected lighting solutions that maximise energy savings. Schréder EXEDRA For More Sustainable and Connected Spaces Schréder Hyperion, the Schréder Group’s Smart City Centre of Excellence, is dedicated to facilitating the transition to a smarter and more sustainable urban infrastructure in light of changing global markets. Schréder EXEDRA, our state-of-the-art lighting and control management platform, enables customers to explore Smart City domains beyond lighting. Schréder EXEDRA provides data security with encryption, hashing, tokenisation and key management practices that protect data across the whole system and related services. The entire platform is ISO 27001 certified. It demonstrates that Schréder EXEDRA meets the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving security management. Schréder EXEDRA enables users to programme optimal dimming profiles based on infinite variables (calendar days, special events, seasons, etc.) while ensuring the safety, comfort and well-being of people. Schréder EXEDRA can integrate smart lighting applications that adjust the colour of the light or create dynamic lighting scenarios using PIR sensors or radars. Fully interoperable, Schréder

EXEDRA can manage controllers and sensors from other manufacturers, and control their luminaires. Smart features not only reduce energy consumption but also extend the luminaire lifespan, further contributing to sustainability efforts. In 2023, we launched a complete campaign dedicated to Schréder EXEDRA, called “Let’s Get Connected”. With Schréder EXEDRA, cities can deliver social, environmental, and economic benefits to their communities.


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