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5 very good reasons to smartify your lighting


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Optimising energy efficiency

Getting the right light

Maximising comfort and experience

Take advantage of a lighting control system to precisely adjust the light intensity, colour temperature and scenario according to the actual needs. By being able to adjust different parameters of the lighting system, it is possible to create the perfect environment for different types of sporting event.

Reduce your electricity bills and minimise your carbon footprint with advanced control features and sensors that define when your lights are turned on, turned off or dimmed. Optimise your lighting to make your facilities energy-efficient and sustainable, and earn BREEAM certification for your facilities. •  Scheduled lighting based on sporting event calendar and bookings. •  Light sensors to harvest natural light and only compensate with artificial lighting if necessary. • Motion sensors to trigger lighting through the detection of people entering an area.

Take your sports facilities to the next level with people- centred lighting . Enhance the sports experience for everyone involved by creating the optimal environment for training and competition, helping athletes perform at their best and improving their well-being. Revamp your sports facility with modern amenities that create a cutting-edge atmosphere for your club members and spectators. Upgrade your space to offer top-tier services and amenities that elevate the quality of your sports venue.


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