Schréder ITERRA - For sports facilities

Victory lighting to celebrate the winning team in sync with music and flashing lights, strobe lights, and colourful lights that cover the entire arena. LIGHTING INSPIRATION FOR YOUR NEXT EVENTS

Wave lighting to show appreciation from the fans to the performers or athletes. The lighting creates a wave effect around the venue, encouraging fans to show their support with signs or glow sticks, while uplifting music creates a sense of unity and positivity.

Colour lighting to change colours to match the event's theme or mood. For example, blue lighting can be used for a calm and soothing effect, while red lighting can create a more energetic and exciting atmosphere.

Spotlight lighting to highlight specific moments or areas during the event.

Scenic lighting to create a dynamic and immersive experience in the arena during events (concerts, comedy shows, graduation ceremonies, conventions, etc). Light show creators can seamlessly incorporate the functional lighting with the scenic lighting, using the same communication protocol (DMX-RDM), to create a variety of effects, from subtle shifts in colour and intensity to full-scale set changes that enhance the mood of the performance.


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