Lighting Solutions for Rail

Junctions and tunnels

CORUS MK2 Unique photometric distribution engineered for railway junction and tunnel lighting of water when laid flat, providing the reliability and performance when exposed to the elements. The compact mechanical robustness was originally designed to withstand external elements, but CORUS can comfortably withstand the vacuum effect created by passing trains. A reliable, practical, energy efficient and high performing luminaire, CORUS MK2 really is a great all-rounder.

IP 66

The robust nature and photometric performance of CORUS MK2 make it a reliable and effective trackside and tunnel lighting unit. The LED engine offers outstanding lighting distribution, pinpointing light exactly where it is needed but without creating glare. CORUS MK2 is a practical solution for trackside point inspection and tunnel lighting. The floodlight’s glass protection is designed to prevent the accumulation



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