A place The London Borough of Tower

A need Just off Hackney Road, the arterial route running from Shoreditch Church in London Borough of Hackney to Cambridge Heath in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, an open area had been used for illegal car parking and fly-tipping. The local authorities launched a plan to transform this abandoned area into a pleasant community space, both by day and at night, for the local residents and business communities.

Hamlets is located in East London and covers much of the traditional East End. It lies adjacent to the east side of the City of London and on the north bank of the River Thames, and is mainly known for housing the Tower of London, not far from Tower Bridge. In the past century, it was the cradle of the London shipping industry. Over the decades, manufacturing and crafting have evolved substantially in the area, from distinct pockets of manufacturing to more mixed- use spaces where manufacturing, residential and commercial activity occur in the same space.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution The London Borough of Tower Hamlets approached Schréder SIGNATURE to assist with their design ambitions for this unique space adjacent to the iconic Bethnal Green gasholders. They opted for four custom corten steel columns fitted with our SCULPDOT floodlights. The weathered corten reflects the nearby 19th century gas towers. Smaller in-ground units illuminate the plants and trees included in the regeneration of the space. This unobstructed area, known as the Oval Space, hosts a wide diversity of different types of commercial space, with the creative sector being particularly strong. It drastically increased footfall and contributes to the vibrant activity of the local community. “This space has been transformed from being associated with anti-social behaviour and environmental blight to a place for the community to enjoy. I’m delighted to see the council’s Parks and Open Spaces fund is making a real difference across the borough”, commented Mayor John Biggs.


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