Lorient - France

A place Lorient, a town located in the Morbihan department in Brittany, is known for its famous interceltic festival.

A need As part of the redevelopment of Jules Ferry park, the authorities wanted to highlight the city’s identity, create a green lung and strengthen the axis connecting the town to the sea. The Rambla along the park and its public lighting were at the heart of this new development.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Lighting designer Lucas Goy (Les Eclaireurs) and his project manager Cindy Gaillard chose Schréder SIGNATURE to reinforce the local identity. Lucas Goy decided to start from one of the potent symbols of Brittany: the headdress of the Bigoudenes. The headdress, with its cylindrical shape, comes from a traditional Breton art called ‘‘picot bigouden’’. Bigouden women have been crocheting this lace since the 1900s. The mask of the YOA luminaires has been designed with stainless steel. It accurately reproduces the lace pattern of the cap and its cylindrical shape. ‘‘We took the detail of the mask as its colour’’, explains Lucas Goy. ‘‘Lacquered in white, the luminaire pays homage to the elegant, immaculate headdress.’’ With its pattern evocative of lace, the mask is a distinctive element day and night. By combining the decorative side with the functional need for lighting, Lorient found a cost-effective way to drape the Rambla in a quiet atmosphere that invites visitors and inhabitants to stroll.

Lighting design Lucas Goy and Cindy Gaillard (Les Eclaireurs agency)


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