Vitré - FRANCE

A place The town of Vitré located in Ille- et-Vilaine (Brittany), is a medieval town known for its rich history and monuments from past centuries.

A need The municipality wished to renew its nocturnal image and include lighting in the city’s tourist strategy, while allowing its inhabitants to rediscover the richness of the architectural heritage and the city’s beauty thanks to a route through the historic heart. It crosses the city and leads to the edge of the Promenade du Val, a tourist spot full of history. The project of lighting this route has been entrusted to the lighting designers of the Quartiers Lumières and Noctiluca agencies.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Schréder SIGNATURE worked on a customisation of the SHUFFLE post-top luminaire. It received a shade with patterns inspired by the canvas trade. These canvases were formerly made by the local population and exported by ships abroad. The idea was to offer ‘‘a historical nod to walkers during their day and night strolls’’, explains Lionel Bessières, lighting designer at the Quartiers Lumières agency. The choice of warm white LEDs (2700K) creates a warm atmosphere. The integrated motion sensors condition the level of lighting to people’s presence to minimise light pollution and ensure the preservation of wildlife and flora. With this lighting scheme, the discovery of the city’s historic heart and its heritage is guided by cutting-edge technology perfectly integrated into the heritage aspect of the place.

Lighting design Rozenn Le Couillard (Noctiluca) Lionel Bessières (Quartiers Lumières)


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