Schréder - DEI Manifesto

The Schréder lighting and beyond lighting solutions bring meaningful moments to people by enhancing safety, well-being and sustainability in public spaces.

A diverse and inclusive company fosters innovation, understanding, empowerment and, ultimately, better business results. By embracing unique perspectives, we build stronger connections, drive change, and create a world where safety, comfort, and sustainability are accessible. Together, we light the way, leaving no one in the shadows. For us, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are not just buzzwords. They are fundamental values that shape our culture and drive our success. We commit ourselves to fostering an environment that celebrates and respects the uniqueness of every individual, creating a truly inclusive space where everyone can thrive. SCHRÉDER'S MANIFESTO FOR DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion.

What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for Schréder?




We define diversity as the range of differences among individuals in our organisation, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, religion, socio-economic background, and nationality. We value diversity as a source of strength and strive to create an inclusive environment that respects and appreciates these differences.

Equity is the principle of fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all individuals, considering the unique challenges and barriers they face. We are committed to eliminating systemic and structural barriers to ensure fairness, equal

Inclusion refers to creating an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and included, regardless of their differences. We are dedicated to fostering a culture that promotes belonging, collaboration, and participation, enabling every member to thrive and contribute their full potential.

opportunities, and unbiased treatment at all levels of our company organisation.

We are committed to building a diverse workforce that reflects our communities and creating an inclusive workplace culture where everyone can thrive. To achieve this, we are dedicated to the following:

Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring We prioritise diversity by weaving it into our recruitment, teams, and governance, creating an inclusive foundation that celebrates differences.

Our actions

Champion an inclusive hiring process following diversity guidelines.

Hold leaders accountable for diversifying their teams.

Set targets and monitor progress transparently.

Foster open dialogue by sharing results openly.

Offering Opportunities to Equalise Differences

We actively seek, uplift, and invest in innovative ways to increase representation and drive career growth for underrepresented groups. Our actions

Ensure fair and equitable promotion and development practices.

Address and learn from cases of attrition among underrepresented groups.

Leadership Commitment and Accountability

Our actions We integrate DEI principles into our strategic planning, decision-making, and organisational culture, demonstrating leadership commitment and accountability.

Include DEI objectives for senior leaders.

Encourage leaders to be inclusive role models.

Discuss DEI at strategic meetings to guide our business.

Transparency and Fairness in Pay We ensure equal working conditions and pay equity across all groups in all entities.

Our actions

Continuously analyse and mitigate differences in working conditions and pay.

Eliminate barriers to earning potential and promotion opportunities.

Mentor women and talents from minority ethnic communities for senior roles, ensuring fair compensation through increased representation.

Embracing Diversity Beyond Schréder

We prioritise diverse-owned businesses and suppliers, recognising our influence on the supply chain and committing to fostering good DEI practices. Our actions

Analyse alternative options to build a more diverse global framework.

Engage with suppliers promoting DEI practices.

Cultivating an Inclusive Workplace Culture We strive to create a supportive and inclusive culture that values diversity and equity.

Our actions

Create an environment where employees can be their authentic selves.

Establish channels for open communication, feedback, and reporting concerns.

Conduct regular DEI surveys to measure progress and hold ourselves accountable.

Embrace and celebrate our diversity, ensuring all voices are heard and valued.

Address unacceptable behaviour promptly and encourage speaking up.

We prioritise knowledge as a catalyst for change. Providing DEI Awareness Resources

Our actions

Communicate clear messages promoting inclusive behaviour and values.

Provide comprehensive training at all levels, including leaders, to embody the desired change.

Invest in symbols within our work environment, affirming our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We embrace our responsibility to drive the change we envision, and commit ourselves to building a workplace that is not only diverse and inclusive but also fosters equality and empowers every individual to reach their full potential. To our valued employees, let us celebrate the vibrant blend of what makes each of you unique. It is within our collective differences that we find extraordinary strength. Together, we can create a transformative path - starting with ourselves - extending to our industry, and shaping society into a more equitable and fairer place.

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